Horse art and other natural artworks, clay sculpture and horse art demonstrations, plus musings from a PSSM horse owner

Newest Artwork:

I'm trying some new techniques!  My artworks typically involve a high level of detail and stay mostly in the realm of realism.  I'm looking to expand my artistic vocabulary and travel into the land of abstract (of course, their will still be highly detailed aspects of realism intertwined!).  I'm currently working on my new logo, and if things go right this will be the background - follow the progress to see how it turns out!  Update - this painting is finished!
horse painting, equine art, horse artworks

Some Changes on the Horizon: 
I've simplified the navigation for this site - there are two main galleries; 2-D Artworks and 3-D Artworks.  All wire art (jewelry, decorative/beaded bottles, etc.), clay sculptures, and anything that's not "flat" can be found in the 3-D section.  The 2-D section contains artworks on canvas and paper.  All items associated with a single artwork will be located in the same post (i.e., prints and their associated ACEOs/Art Cards).  Available artworks will have a link to my store which accepts Paypal payments.

Due to life events, I'm taking a break from larger clay sculptures.  I'll be focusing on smaller, more affordable artworks.  I intend to spend the next year or so playing with new ideas and testing new media, so be looking for some varied styles coming out in the near future!

Clay Sculpture Demonstrations: 
clay horse head sculpture, clay demonstration, clay sculpture demonstrations Detailed demonstrations for building a clay panther sculpture with an armature and building a small clay horse head sculpture with no armature. Information on kilns, clays, and tools. Read more...

For the Love of Horses:

Who doesn't love a buckskin horse?  I certainly do, to the point that my first horse sculpture in college was finished as a buckskin.  Pay no attention to the fact that there aren't many (any?) buttermilk buckskin Clydesdales, this big drafty buckskin was my ideal horse when I sculpted it in late 2000.  Now, fast forward about 11 years.  I'm in my 30's, and finally about to buy my first horse.  I decided I needed something that was broke, and color didn't matter.  A group of horses come up for sale so I go to look at them, and there he is.  Not this massive, broke, muscled beast you see in the pic below, but a skinny, unbroke 4 year old with terrible hooves and a heart of gold.

horses and art, pssm horse, horse artist Jen Pratt
My first horse - Jax, born March 2007, pic taken 2014
Wild buckskin with 4 white stockings
horse sculpture, clay sculpture, horse art
My first horse sculpture: "Clydesdale" - Sept. 2000
Wild buckskin with 4 white stockings
Long story short, I bought him (of course I bought him lol).  It was a total coincidence that I bought a horse that looked a lot like my first horse sculpture, one that I didn't notice for a couple of years.  When I got him (which, by the way, was the best purchase of my life), I'd been doing artworks since I was a child, about 25 years, and at least 75% of my work was horses.  Basically, I'm obsessed.  Wanna know why I draw?  I'm obsessed with horses.  Wanna know why I sculpt?  I'm obsessed with horses.  Which is probably why my next step was starting colts for a couple of years.  Some of my long-time fans may have noticed a long break in my work.  I was out playing with horses for that time, and I loved it.  Unfortunately, the tendons in my arms, and the health of my horse, didn't hold up.  So, I ended up moving my horse somewhere with an indoor barn and trails so I could get him (and keep him) healthy, and gave up on training youngsters, at least for now.  Since my body doesn't hold up well to training for the public, if I ever do work with horses again it will be on a much smaller scale - one that will allow me to continue working on my artworks as I've missed it tremendously.

PSSM horse, PSSM rehab, horse muscle disorder
Jen and Jax,
before PSSM diagnosis
PSSM horse, PSSM rehab, horse muscle disorder
Jen and Jax, after PSSM diagnosis during rehab,
Photography by Karin

About the Artist:

After a somewhat long break from art to train horses, I'm finally back to my artwork.   I think the time off gave me a chance to both reflect on my work, and to gain a new perspective.  You have to have "feel" to train horses, just as you have to have "feel" to produce great artworks.  Just before my break from art, I think I lost my feel - the technique was building, but the feel was missing.  I intend to start over, explore new media, experiment rather than focus solely on known technique, and build new skillsets.  This next year will hopefully see a lot of new types of art, with a level of excitement that had previously been missing from my work.
horse artist, clay sculptor, equine artist

About the Artist:

horse artist, equine artist, PSSM horse
Since starting my art business in 2004, I have been on a roller coaster ride that's taken me from art, to house flipping, to legal assistant, to horse trainer, and a full 180* back to my artworks.

I'm thankful to get back to my art, and also for the life experiences I've gained.

Things in life that matter the most!  Jen, husband Jared, and Jax

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed my website!  Feel free to comment, like, or subscribe!

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