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Moss Rock Side Pull, Back On Track Liner, Hilason Gel Pad, and HDR 5 Point Breastcollor - PSSM1 Friendly Tack

PSSM friendly tack, muscle disorder horse tack, bitless tack reviews
My favorite tack of all time (on a very tired boy who's just started canter work again) -
Moss Rock Endurance Side Pull Bridle - Moss Rock Website
HDR 5-point leather and sheepskin breastcollar
Back On Track liner under Hilason Gel Pad
Trekker Luxus Treeless Saddle - see my Trekker Treeless Saddle Review

Moss Rock Endurance Side Pull Bridle:

  • Bridle stays well away from his eyes
  • Bridle is made of biothane - easy to clean and maintain
  • Bitless - bits seem to make Jax's jaws sore, even though I have very light hands

I love this bridle.  I bought it September 2016, and you can barely tell that it's been used, even though it has been used daily since purchase.  It's nice and soft, and Jax seems comfortable in it.  It's a very gentle bridle, so works best with horses that follow a soft feel.  It's regular horse size, and just fits his large head.  There's a lot of different adjustments on it, so you can make it fit your horse perfectly.  It doesn't sit too close to his eyes, while most other bridles (bitted and bitless) used to sit way to close.

HDR 5 Point Breastcollar:

  • Great for holding a bareback pad or treeless saddle in place
  • Looks beautiful
  • Sheepskin keeps it from rubbing hair on shoulders
  • Fits my huge-shouldered horse when most styles of breastcollars won't
I've had the breastcollar for over 4 years, and it's still in wonderful shape.  I've tried numerous breastcollars on my massive beast of a horse, and very few have fit him.  The sheepskin keeps it from rubbing, and there's elastic between some of the attachments (just above the sheepskin) that allows the breastcollar to stretch for the horse to graze. 

Back On Track Liner:

  • Surprisingly versatile 
  • Has held up very well for over a year
  • Does a wonderful job of loosening muscles
I've been using this liner for over a year.  I've both used it under tack, and tied it into Jax's blankets.  The velcro is supposed to be sewn into a blanket, and you can velcro the liner in when needed.  I didn't want to put holes in my blankets (possibly ruining their waterproof quality) so I tied it in place a few times - it didn't work great, but it worked in a pinch.  However, I love velcroing around a treeless pad and using this under my tack.  Unlike a regular size saddle pad, this covers back over his hips and SI - a major sore spot for him.  Since I've started using it to ride in, Jax's back has been nice and soft, and he loosens up quicker and rides smoother than he does without it.  Because it works by holding body heat, I don't use it in weather over 80*F (many won't use it over 70*F, but Jax stays on the cooler side, so he can handle a little extra warmth).

Hilason Western Gel Pad:

  • Dampens a rough trot
  • Works great with the BOT liner
  • Keeps a thick-paneled saddle from being bouncy
I've only had this pad for about a month, but I had one that I used for a few months with an earlier treeless saddle.  It works great to dampen a rough trot, and seems to be comfortable for the horse.  I bought this pad specifically to help keep my seatbones out of Jax's back when I use my bareback pad, and it seems to be working really well.  The felt pad I was using before was very bouncy, and I think that "bounce" was causing issues with his back - those issues disappeared with this pad.  I got the western pad so that it wouldn't add thickness under my legs - I had the english pad before, and it really made the saddle fit wide.  This pad works great with the BOT liner:

PSSM friendly tack, muscle disorder horse tack, bitless tack reviews
The velcro liner goes under this pad, and the velcro strip goes over these straps to hold everything together

I haven't put enough miles on this to determine it's durability.  I'll update this review if I have any durability issues, or when I feel I've put enough miles on to recommend it further.

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