Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Progression Piece - [Jax - Tumultuous but Beautiful] - How it was made, color decisions, and more!

acrylic pour, acrylic paintings, abstract pour paintings
Initial painting - acrylic pour method

I'm trying some new techniques!  My artworks typically involve a high level of detail and stay mostly in the realm of realism.  I'm looking to expand my artistic vocabulary and travel into the land of abstract (of course, their will still be highly detailed aspects of realism intertwined!).  The beginning of that journey starts here - the background is a 4 color acrylic pour, with rough texture added to the canvas.

horse artworks, horse paintings, equine art
Laying out the subject, next to the concept art

The story behind this artwork:  every horse you interact with, you leave your "mark" on.  This piece is about Jax, my PSSM horse.  I took him as an unbroke 4 year old, trained him, went through a major disorder with him, and brought him back to health. 

horse art, horse paintings, wip equine artworks
Some details being brought out

Just as my life has been changed by having this amazing horse in my life, his life has been forever altered.  Training a horse is about so much more than the initial 30 days - trust, patience, curiosity, a willing heart - these things come natural to some horses but can be lost with improper training and handling. 

horse artworks, horse paintings, equine art
The concept art next to the almost finished piece
I've watched this boy grow and mature for six years, and his willingness and curiosity always amazes me.  I've watched the gleam in his eye flutter as his disorder took over, and I've seen it shine bright again as his health improves.  I've seen his strengths and weaknesses, and watched him try his heart out through all of it.  I can't claim my training/handling did this 100% - maybe 40%.  He's just "that kind" of horse.

horse art, horse paintings, equine artworks
The finished painting
Color, texture, pattern decisions:  For the background, I chose a bold pattern with a rough texture.  The high contrast black and white is made more vivid and interesting by the blue - the color of his eyes.  This gave the artwork a "tumultuous but beautiful" background before even adding the subject - a perfect backdrop to represent some of the ups and downs we've faced.  Jax is finished in metallics as he has proven himself to be a strong, stoic beast, and a "tough as nails" metallic finish seemed appropriate.  My name represents my "mark" on him - through training, health issues, and partnership. 

horse artworks, horse paintings, equine art
Close-up of finished painting

About the Artist:

horse artist, equine artist, PSSM horse
Since starting my art business in 2004, I have been on a roller coaster ride that's taken me from art, to house flipping, to legal assistant, to horse trainer, and a full 180* back to my artworks.

I'm thankful to get back to my art, and also for the life experiences I've gained.

Things in life that matter the most!  Jen, husband Jared, and Jax

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