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Treeless Saddle Pad Reviews - Haf, Toklat, Skito, Equipedic, Barefoot Physio bareback pad

  • Haf pad
    • Tried with cheap eBay saddle
    • Sat too close to his withers and didn’t really help secure the saddle - mostly the fault of the saddle
Horse treeless saddle pad reviews - haf pad
Jax in his Haf pad, getting a neck rub after our ride
  • Skito for Bob Marshall
    • Somewhat slippery with a bareback pad
    • Bought used, new inserts are expensive and needed but the old inserts worked for trying out
    • Fits western-style treeless saddles very well, doesn't slip as much as it did with the bareback pad
    • I ended up selling this pad as it was just too slippery and Jax didn't really care for it
  • Toklat pad
    • Bought used, thought the inserts were a bit flimsy so made new inserts for it with memory foam and poron
    • Starting out, it kept both my bareback pad and my Torsion secure, and with the new inserts kept my seat bones from digging in his back.  As it broke in more, seemed to allow more movement for both the Torsion and the bareback pad
    • Kept my western-style show treeless very secure, but was too short on the sides to protect him from the girth rigging (not a fault of the pad, it just wasn’t a style meant for the western saddles)
    • If you've seen my Ghost saddle review, you know that I had pressure points under the saddle.  I had used my Toklat pad and thought nothing about the pad possibly causing this.  After a not-so-long trail ride in my bareback pad with the Toklat in mid 2016, I once again had pressure points.  Turns out, it was actually friction from the Toklat pad sliding around, a problem we didn't have until we started working on a lot of hills.  My first three or so years with Jax we had used only Reinsman pads, and apparently Jax does much better with Tacky Too products than wool felt, woolback, or coolback products - go figure.
Horse treeless saddle pad reviews - toklat
Jax in his Toklat pad and Best Friend bareback pad, checking out a new obstacle
  • Equipedic pad
    • Was quite impressed with the quality of this pad
    • Bought used, needed new inserts but the ones included were usable
    • Used once with Hilason western treeless, the combination slipped to the side (horse was slightly off from SI, so was probably him) and didn’t have good wither clearance (mostly the saddle)
    • Ended up selling this pad also, as with the Toklat above, Jax just didn't care for it.
  • My new setup - freaking sweet!
    • Barefoot Physio Ride-On bareback pad with Reinsman Trail Tacky Too saddle pad
      • Since my horse loves Reinsman pads, why fight it.  Bought the Barefoot bareback pad with inserts so I don't need a treeless saddle pad.  Also got it with the cushy sheepskin seat for me!
      • I've only tested it out on one really good trail ride so far, but his back was pristine with no friction rubs, no pressure points, and it stayed in place better than any saddle I've owned!  Also, since I love riding bareback, it's extremely comfortable.  The front rolls and cantle add an extra bit of security so I can sit out those spooks (only one on this ride but it was a pretty good one).  The area with inserts also adds a small amount of twist, helping with those wider horses (like Jax)
      • Since he has been sore in his back, I was leery of our first ride, but it went much better than expected and I think this setup really helped him (see my Horse Health posts for more, especially part 3)
Horse treeless saddle pad reviews - Barefoot Physio bareback pad
July 20, 2016 - taken before Jax' back was 100%, still some lumbar soreness, but he still seemed to like the new setup (just tried on, didn't get to try it out). 
See Horse Health part Four for our rehab plan, tack to help sore muscles (including the barefoot bareback pad), and to see how quickly correct hoof balance and stress point work has put Jax back into work!

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