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Horseback Riding Trails - Arkansas

If you know of some good trails in the Midwest that you can't find on this or the other trails pages on this site, please post your information in the comments section!

Northeast Arkansas

Village Creek State Park:   (25.00 trail miles)   (Wynne, Arkansas) - View on Google Maps. Horseback riding is a popular activity at this park. Twenty-five miles of multi-use trails wind through the rolling hills and unique hardwood forest of Crowley's Ridge. The horse trails are open throughout the year. Call the park for current trail conditions. The horse camp features 30 campsites with water and electric hookups, an asphalt parking pad, picnic table and grill; a modern bathhouse; horse wash bays; and 66 stalls inside the camping area. The horse stable's 10' x 10' stalls include water, electric, and ceiling fans. Read more at Horseback Riding Trails - Arkansas State Parks - Village Creek.

Northwest Arkansas

Devil's Den State Park:   (20.00 trail miles)   (Winslow, Arkansas) - View on Google Maps. Devil's Den features a horse camp area that offers access to approximately 20 miles of riding trails in the Lee Creek Valley and on surrounding ridges. Horses are welcome on Highways 170, 74, and 220, but are not permitted on other park roads or in camping area other than the horse camp. Also, horses are not permitted in the crevice area, Yellow Rock, or on any of the hiking trails except where the horse trails and the Butterfield Hiking Trail are the same. Mountain bike riders are also allowed on these trails, but must yield to horses. Water for horses and riders is available at the trail head. Here, riders will find a complete campground where they can camp with their horses. The campground features campsites with hookups, and a modern bathhouse that also includes a bathing area for horses. Call ahead to check on the availability of the horse camp. Read more at Horseback Riding Trail - Arkansas State Parks - Devil's Den.

Hobbs State Park - Conservation Area:   (24.00 trail miles)   (Rogers, Arkansas) - View on Google Maps. The 24-mile Multi-use Hidden Diversity Trail is designed for equestrians, mountain bikers and hikers. No motorized vehicles are allowed. Users have the option of four trail sections or loops. The trail follows ridge tops and rims with lots of curves and a few hills that drop 200 to 300 feet in elevation. The entire trail is surrounded by woods that are mainly comprised of oak and hickory. When weather conditions warrant, the trail is subject to closure to mountain bike and equestrian use. In addition, all or a portion of the park's trail system may be closed occasionally for permitted hunting seasons or maintenance repair. Contact the park to check on the current trail status before traveling to Hobbs to participate in these activities. Read more at Horseback Riding Trails - Arkansas State Parks - Hobbs.

Mt. Magazine State Park:   (34.00 trail miles)   (Paris, Arkansas) - View on Google Maps. Huckleberry Mountain Horse Trail - located in the Arkansas River Valley - difficulty is moderate to strenuous. This is the only multi-use trail in the state park. Horses and motorized vehicles are not allowed on any other trail listed here. From the horse camp down to the highway, this old wagon road drops 200 feet. For a detailed map, pick up the Huckleberry Mountain Horse Trail brochure at the visitor center. Read more at Horseback Riding Trails - Arkansas State Parks - Mt. Magazine.

Southwest Arkansas

Daisy State Park:   (Kirby, Arkansas)  - View on Google Maps. This park is listed as having equestrian trails. See website and contact park for more information. Read more at Horseback Riding Trails - Arkansas State Parks - Daisy.

Southeast Arkansas

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