Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Arabian 1" - Horse Drawing, Equine Art

horse drawings, equine art, horse head drawing
"Arabian" Horse Head Drawing, 8x10 Print

horse drawing, equine artworks, equestrian gifts
Closeup of "Arabian" 8x10
horse drawings, equine art, horse gifts
Closeup of "Arabian" 8x10
horse head drawings, small horse drawings, horse gifts
ACEO & Closeup of "Arabian" 8x10

This stylized, yet simplistic drawing of an Arabian is given a richer depth and style from these deep, brown eyes - the main focus of this horse head drawing. While most Arabian artworks focus on the spirit of the Arabian, I wanted this drawing to depict a quieter, more serene moment.

The original horse head drawing is graphite, and the monochromatic finish on the eye was added post-production by computer. It's a limited edition of (100) 8x10 prints. Each will come sealed in a protective photo art bag, and fits into a standard sized mat. The ACEO (or Art Card) is 2.5" x 3.5", and comes preserved in an archival, plastic card sleeve. - Horse Art by Jen Pratt

About the Artist:

horse artist, equine artist, PSSM horse
Since starting my art business in 2004, I have been on a roller coaster ride that's taken me from art, to house flipping, to legal assistant, to horse trainer, and a full 180* back to my artworks.

I'm thankful to get back to my art, and also for the life experiences I've gained.

Things in life that matter the most!  Jen, husband Jared, and Jax

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