Horse Training, Clinics, and Lessons by Jennifer L. Pratt

      horse art & wildlife art by equine artist / clay sculptor Jen Pratt

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Horse Training and Lessons by Jen:

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Jen specializes in helping beginners and riders of all levels to develop a secure seat and to build confidence in the saddle and on the ground. It is suggested that those taking lessons bring their own horses. If this is not possible, a horse can be provided. Lessons are primarily western.

Ground lessons: Learn how to groom, tack, handle feet, and perform ground work.

Lunge lessons: Learn how to feel a horse's movement and how to stay with the horse's motion by riding without reins. Jen will control the horse's speed and direction from the ground. By removing the distraction of guiding the horse, lessons can focus on proper seating at different gaits; an invaluable lesson for riders of all levels! This should only be attempted on a well trained horse... Read more...

Horse Training:

Horse Level I – Safety - Focus on safety; groundwork; accepts halter; backup with halter pressure; walks on lead; accepts touch on body; will pick up feet; round pen work; desensitization.

Horse Level II – Safety - Advanced groundwork; disengages hindquarters; lateral and backup give to pressure; accepts tack; accepts wet spray; will follow, stop, change direction, change pace when asked.

Horse Level III – Accepts Rider; stands tied; loads / unloads on trailer; walk / trot with rider; flexion and one rein stop; can tolerate simple obstacles under saddle; consistency at walk / trot; solid stops; accepts leg pressure ... Read more and view/print cost schedule...

Artworks by Jen:

Original Clay Sculptures: Horse sculpture, wildlife sculptures, figurative sculptures

Sculptures described as "original" are one-of-a-kind, highly detailed and realistic artworks, with free-flowing figures and sometimes exaggerated details, forming highly unique works of art.

Clay sculpture gallery...

Black and white horse drawings and horse paintings, wildlife paintings, and figurative artworks:

Jen's paintings and drawings are created with a painstaking eye for detail and realism within the subject, with more freedom of expression in the background.

Black & white drawings...

Paintings & color 2D...

ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) by Jen are smaller versions of her Black & White and Color 2-D artworks, printed in a smaller, collectible form. These works measure 2.5"x3.5" and come in a thin, acid-free card sleeve placed inside a rigid, acid-free case for protection during shipping. Open-ended editions.

ACEO gallery...

Discover New Artworks:
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New Figurative Art

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New Horse Sculpture

Clay / Horse Artist:

More Artworks:
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equine artist, equestrian artist, equine art horse art, horse sculptures, equine art

Horse Art, Clay Art; Horse Sculpture, Wildlife Sculptures, Horse Drawings; horse artist Jen Pratt

Equine Artist Jen Pratt
Springfield, MO 417-763-0428

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Original Clay Horse Sculptures and Horse Drawings by Equine Artist Jen Pratt -
Horse, equine, and equestrian themed artworks ranging from original, one-of-a-kind clay horse sculptures to horse drawings / equestrian paintings. Also included are horse note cards, bookmarks, and ACEO cards.

Original Clay Wildlife Sculptures and Wildlife Drawings by Nature Artist Jen Pratt -
Animal and wildlife themed artworks ranging from original, one-of-a-kind clay wildlife sculptures to wildlife drawings / paintings. Also included are note cards, bookmarks, and ACEO cards.

Original Clay Figurative Sculptures and Drawings by Artist Jen Pratt -
Figure themed artworks ranging from original, one-of-a-kind clay figurative sculptures to drawings and paintings. Also included are note cards, bookmarks, and ACEO cards.

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